Accountancy pricing

Even though we are not physically located at your premises, we act very much like your in-house accounts department. Giving you the benefits of an experienced team at a fraction of the cost.

As experts in the online retail and multi-site hospitality industries, we can help your business to excel by speaking your language and reducing friction. From online retailers to multi-site to hotel owners to restaurant businesses, together we can take your business further.

The table on our Services page provides a snapshot of the support and services you will receive throughout the year.

View our pricing structure below and see how our services could benefit your business.

Team members at Virgate Accounts a complete plug-in Accounts Department for the retail, hotel, pub and restaurant sector.

Multi-site discounts;

Over 5 sites = 10%
Over 10 sites = 20%
Over 15 sites = 25%
Over 20 sites = 30%
Over 25 sites = 35%

Package comparison by Virgate Accounts a plug-in Accounts Department of retail accountants, hotel accountants, as well as pub and restaurant sector accountants.

*Premium package only available under the following conditions:

1. Sales data is fed daily via an integration link to Xero

2. Rota system in place for retrieval of accurate staff costs

3. Accurate stock reports accessible on a weekly basis

How much we save: Case study

Here is just one example of how much money we have saved a client by switching to us:

Their previous in-house accounts function:

Finance Manager Salary £35k
Part-time Bookkeeper Salary £8.5k
Pension Costs & Employer NI on the above salaries £4.5k
Accounting software annual licence £7.5K

= management accounts over 6 months behind, mistakes being made, no sickness/holiday cover

Replaced with Virgate:

Unleashed £1.5k
Virgate fee (Xero subscription included) £10.2k

= management reporting tidy, with the client within a week of the month end + modern stock system